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This song came about as a full fleshed out instrumental song and was the first song I had written with my previous band (Again Between Mirth and Mayhem). We used to jam in Andy's dad's garage (so metal) and Louis and I had begun jamming on the first verse while Dalton and Andy had the ending breakdown written. I went home and added the intro and Louis added a solo at the end over the ending breakdown, we jammed out a chorus, additional verses and then the REAL breakdown. Our vocalist at the time had a rough vocal and lyric idea but would mostly improvise lyrics live. We performed it a few times but after we broke up I took the song with Dalton Hill and we rearranged the drums and decided to downtune during the breakdown breakdown. After Dalton Hagen joined we kept a similar rhythm idea to the original vocals but wrote new lyrics to have it continue the concept trilogy. It picks up in modern day after trillions of universes had come and passed. The Ageless had watched their plan unfold but after so long they had grown impatient. Humans have become one of the most promising beings born of the Ageless' experiment and have soiled their own worth. Strongly inspired by Carl Sagan's "Pale Blue Dot" speech, it tells of how they have decided to destroy the universe and plunge it back into the darkness from whence it came. Yet out of the deepest reaches of space their exists a collective consciousness, a being born of the collected experiences and knowledge of beings that have existed throughout the cycles. It comes to warn humanity of their impending doom, telling them they must change their ways and realize they are all the same species on the same floating rock in space. With all of its potential humanity had squandered science for faith and spilled blood over imaginary boarders, and the creators of all have grown displeased. Also Dalton Hill really liked the name Ovarian Dungeon Worms. - Cody


When will you filthy humans open your closed mind and realize
that there is something deep inside
that has the potential to reignite
the power of the entire universe.

Born from the ashes of forgotten stars and cosmic gases,
yet you spread fear among the masses sending young to war to meet their caskets.
Your mother's weeping from the reaping of her graciousness,
you've become weak you cannot keep this up it will become your doom.

This is not evil speaking to you
It is the collective consciousness
Rejected for centuries
Reaching to restore revive the cosmos back to life
Subject to treacheries, reaching to restore, reforge, the cosmos to it's final form.

How many more have to die?
How many more have to suffer?
How long will we wonder blind
before we realize
this planet's taken all that it can muster.

As suck the resources dry
from the planet just to get by and supply
We focus on everything wrong in life,
letting time pass us by.
Us humans take and take until everything fucking breaks
out into madness and the evil ones come out in masses.
As we watch the weaklings fall one by one; forcing evolution on a system that's become undone.
We spread the flames with gasoline to conflagrate a phoenix to a flame their future fates and path await


Restore, resurge
Reform, restore

How many more have to die?
How many more have to suffer?
How long will we wonder blind before we realize
this planet's taken all that it can muster.
Nobody else has to die.
Nobody else has to suffer.
Stand untied not divided,
together you can reach the horizon.

Don't let your soul fall to entropy.
Dig deeper and deeper till you've reached serenity.
Let the knowledge in feel our boundless energy.
Embrace the power and immensity,

Or face your doom,
The choice is up to you.

Time is not on your side
You don't have long to decide the others are not far behind.

Born from the ashes of forgotten stars and cosmic gases,
will you still spread fear knowing that your time will soon be passing?
Your mother's weeping from the reaping of her graciousness.
Will she die? Will you rise to face the final test?
To face the final test.


from Paragon Ep, released May 19, 2017
Vocals: Dalton Hagen and Cody Betz (Doom)
Lyrics: Dalton Hagen and Cody Betz
Guitars: Cody Betz and Louis Grant
Bass: Dalton Hill
Drums Written and Programmed by: Andrew Cornelius and Cody Betz



all rights reserved


Zephyria Kalispell, montana

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