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This song came about after learning a bit of "Lilith" by Chelsea Grin, I wanted to write and intro riff with that sort of intensity. The first few riffs I wrote while in my previous band and continued once we broke up. Louis had written a riff I decided to combine with to lead into this nasty false chord stretching from the 2 on the low Ab to the 8 on the next Ab. Looks cool and sounds gross, any way as I was writing along I decided to experiment with some breakdown ideas for the verses. For the chorus and ending I wanted almost black metal feeling to it and wrote all of the drums to be really in your face. Once Dalton Hagen joined he asked to write lyrics to this song as his first song with the band. After we tracked it all together he really nailed the black metal meets deathcore feel (imo). - Cody


The tears of yesterday only brings the sunset of tomorrow
don't spend to much time dwelling on your sorrows.

Day after day we are
forced to strap on a mask of society
to avoid confrontation with those who bury their sorrows
deep into their chest.

Every single day we are forced to strap on this fucking fake mask
to avoid conflict with the rest.

This world is our fucking playground.
But are you strong enough to stand ground.
and live through life and its bull shit.
Or will you just pucker up and quit?

Reach out and grab your fate
by the throat and harber some fucking hate.

We were put on this planet to create
but yet we still struggle to find purpose.
Especially when this world is crammed full
of the motherfucking heartless.

What will you do with the life thats been presented to you?
Will you glide across the sky of success?
Or will you trip down the road of failure?
At the end of the day it come ls to one thought, one decision.
What will it be?
What will it be?


from Paragon Ep, released May 19, 2017
Vocals: Dalton Hagen
Lyrics: Dalton Hagen
Guitars: Cody Betz and Louis Grant (Intro Riff)
Bass: Dalton Hill
Drums Written and Programmed by: Cody Betz and Andrew Cornelius



all rights reserved


Zephyria Kalispell, montana

We are Zephyria, a technical progressive deathcore band out of Kalispell, Montana! We just recorded our debut album and are preparing for live shows and video playthroughs! Be sure to follows us on facebook to stay up to date with new tunes and shows! ... more

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